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Yagé or Ayahuasca as a sacred plant should always be taken within a ceremonial context.

The ceremonies that are practiced in this retreat, have a traditional, ancient design of the indigenous communities of the Colombian and Ecuadorian Amazon, and are guided by trained people who have studied yagé medicine in-depth, these people are generally called, taitas or grandparents.

According to the traditional indigenous worldview, yagé medicine can bring with it the spirits of the entire universe, plants, animals, trees, water. It can also connect us with different energy dimensions and heal in each of them.

Physically it can transform toxins, illnesses, and discomfort, into vitality, well-being, and health. It can connect us with our emotions, freeing us from conflicts and negative thoughts that we have had in the past, transforming them into happiness and harmony with ourselves and all our relationships.

It also encourages us to connect with the essence of our spirit, with who we really are, and the opening of our hearts at the service of humanity.

Each person has their intentions or healing purposes. In the ceremony, the Taita delivers the cup with the medicine; you take it with respect and give yourself to live the process; each person experiences it differently.

On a physical level, ayahuasca purifies the body giving a purge, often with vomiting or diarrhea. It is called pinta to the visions that it can bring during the night and “chuma” to the feeling of dizziness.

Being all part of the ceremony, each person lives this process individually, in this way they go through the night, during which at a certain moment the healer heals the people who participate in the ceremony, helping them to cleanse their energy. and to complement their healing processes.

Ancestral practices

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Yage or ayahuasca is a sacred medicine from the Amazon jungle, consisting of a mixture of two native plants Banisteriopsis caapi and Diplopterys Cabrerana.

Its preparation requires several days of cooking inside the jungle, subjected to the heat of the grandfather fire and embraced by prayers and sacred spells performed by traditional grandparents to put their purpose of healing and healing for humanity.

This medicine can bring a lot of clarity, light, harmony, and love to your life when it is guided in a respectful way by the Taitas, or medicine men who keep the ancient tradition of their indigenous tribes.

This thousand-year-old plant has been taken through the ages to maintain a connection with nature, study it and study subtle planes of the universe and existence, thus being a master plant for good living.

In the same way, this sacred plant is taken to carry out integral healing processes of the being, which are guided by the deep wisdom of the Taitas or grandparents with their Icaros and spells, which are woven into nature and the cosmic essence.

Ancestral practices


The Awakoya (queen of flowers), also called Achuma, Wachuma, El giganton, curalotodo, has been used for thousands of years by the Andean Civilizations as a guiding Spirit.

It works directly on our DNA, cleaning and rearranging the molecules, in such a way that it reactivates the divine memory contained in our cells, allowing us physical, spiritual, and emotional awareness.

Her spiritual force acts on the physical body and the subtle bodies reminding us of harmony To live in health. The Awakoya is part of the uses and customs of the Andean peoples since the beginning of time, being more than a medicine, a guiding spirit for human beings in life on Mother Earth.

The encounter with this medicine allows us to return to the origin, with our ancestral roots, where we recognize that we are children of Mother Earth and from this, we understand the value of water, fire, earth, and air as life-giving elements.

Allowing ourselves to live this experience gives us the opportunity to collect learning and tools to live in presence and attention in our day to day since medicine takes us to the depths of our being where we explore and recognize ourselves to observe those realities of our life that we must turn and transcend or that we must nurture and strengthen.

In this retreat we will raise the altar of the Chakana, also known as the Andean directional cross, around the sacred fire we will share times of silence and meditation, of prayer and songs directed to raise our prayers and honor life, to open the paths of well-being. In our life.

Ancestral practices

The Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge, Temazcal or Inipi is a powerful bonding therapy with the land that feeds us the awakening of our ancestral memory. But in addition to the work for our spirit, this circle of medicine gives us many other benefits.

You know that the temazcal stimulates the lymphatic system, helps to dispose of toxins, since when the temperature rises above 40°C the skin becomes a third kidney, the high temperature to which we are exposed inside a temazcal favors the body sweat and humidity does not allow sweat to evaporate, so the body's self-regulation system (sympathetic and parasympathetic system) responds, (homeostasis) circulation is accelerated and we sweat, even more, eliminating toxins as much as possible, the skin turns red indicating that the excessive heat and cold are being expelled, achieving the balance that is required in the body, in this way we sweat more than when we do any type of exercise since, during and after the temazcal, the body's metabolism reaches a rhythm similar to running or swimming for a long time.

It also tones the skin, purifies the respiratory tract and the digestive system, tones the nervous system, helps with bone, muscle, and gynecological problems, it is an ideal vehicle that transports us to a state of peace and inner tranquility, quieting the mind when experiencing the heat of the bath and the healing properties that nature gives us through the different medicinal plants that are used in it.

During an intense session of Temazcalli, between 2 and 3 kg of body weight are lost, of which a high proportion is water, approximately 1,500 ml of sweat is lost in one session, through which the excretion of end products of metabolism is increased. (toxins) such as uric acid, creatine, urea, lactic acid, sodium chloride, which also balances the alkaline acid PH of the blood and contributes to the elimination of heavy metals that are absorbed in modern societies; such as zinc, mercury, copper, lead, etc.

About the Inipi

The Inipi or Iniunkajaktelo, whose meaning is "we are going to pray at the Sweat Shop" is an ancestral ceremony of the Lakota Nation.

It is the medicine of the four directions and the four elements (fire, earth, air, and water). A ceremony of care and spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional purification, whose main purpose is that of reunification.

It is the first of the seven traditional ceremonies of the Lakota. The Inipi ceremony was contributed by a woman. Most of the spiritual teachings of the Lakota have been given by women. We are all born of a woman, and everything created comes from the Earth.

The Inipi hut is built with willow sticks covered with blankets (formerly skins). The cabin is approximately 2.40 meters in diameter, it is quite large and comfortable with enough space to accommodate a good group of people.

In the center of the cabin, there is a hole where the stones previously heated in the outside fire will be deposited. At least three hours are required for the fire to heat the stones well. The meeting of the water and the heat of the stones inside the cabin will create steam, the breath of the Creator.

The sweat lodge is related to purification, astrology, and the life gestation process. The entire hut symbolizes a womb. Each element has a special meaning. The fire represents the sun, which gives its energy to the Earth.

The altar symbolizes the moon. The center of the cabin represents the Earth that gives us life and welcomes us. The ceremony itself represents the pregnancy of the woman, and that is why when she comes out, once purified, we say that we have been reborn.

Excerpt from Archie Fire Lame Deer's book, "The Gift of Power"

Ancestral practices

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