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Our healers

Taita leonidas Lezama

Taita Leonidas Lezama was born in a small town descended from the community of Pijao. His parents took him to drink Ayahuasca (Yagé) with an old man for the first time when he was 6 years old.

A year later, Leonidas began his training as a healer, guided by the native Kofan elders. The ceremonial hut or Maloka embraced Leonidas to strengthen his learning and connect his spirit with God.

This Maloca is located in the Colombian Amazon on the outskirts of the town of Curillo, Caquetá. For more than 20 years he has trained with the teachers Coreguaje, Inga, Siona, Secoya, and Cofán.

He has been finding, harvesting, praying, brewing medicine, and healing with Yagé since he was 15. He honors the plant and its teachers by caring for the ancient design of the ceremony and providing only the purest medicine.

He himself prepares the medicine that he gives to the people and never includes other plants or additives.


Mother Angie Cristina García

Was born in Colombia, in the department of Caldas.

Mother dedicated more than half of her life to the path of spirituality, learning traditional practices of America, the study and ceremonial use of the Wachuma, and the art of caring for life, which has given her the foundations to accompany individuals and families in their processes of transformation and healing.

She is a midwife, a sun dancer, an artisan, a woman who bridges the traditions, the medicines of the land, and the community.


Mayor Erminsul Lucitante

Native of the Amazon Jungle in Santa Rosa de Sucunbios, Elder Erminsul comes from a vast lineage of healers and wisemen, from the Ayahuasca legacy of the Siona, Kofán, and Secoya communities.

Taught and guided since he was five years old by his father, Chief Guillermo Lucitante and by his grandparents to become a healer and a guardian of the tradition.

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Taita Cofán Avelino Quenamá

Elder Avelino Quenama, traditional medical sage, a native of Siona Secoya and Cofan A 'I roots, leaves his home in the Ecuadorian jungle to put his knowledge at the service of all those who want to join him in a ritual of medicine and awareness. The eldest carries in his prayers and invocations, the native languages Siona Secoya (Pai Coca), Cofan, (A 'Ingae), and Kichwa. Essences and sounds of the jungle come through his Icaros for healing and harmonization in the ceremony.


Grandmother Lorena Orrego

For more than 20 years she has been guided and accompanied by ancestral plants and crystals, on an inner path towards an awakening of consciousness, remembering the meaning of sacred existence. Colombian Mother, Grandmother, Inipi, and Temazcal runner. Crystal therapist, workshop facilitator, sun and moon dancer.

Lorena has had the blessing of different grandfathers and grandmothers in the ancestral path for her to walk, always focused on the service and the guide for the beings with whom she has had the opportunity to relate.


We will be accompanying you in the call of the jaguar

Iyari García Orrego

Iyari has walked the path of ancestral medicines since she was a child, a path that has led her to self-knowledge and connection with herself and nature. In this way, ancestral practices govern her way of life.

Mother, weaver, integral therapist with massages and plants, guards the Inipi altar, carries the sacred Chanupa, and is a sun dancer. Lorena, has had the blessing of different grandfathers and grandmothers on the ancestral path for her walk, always focused on the service and guidance for beings with whom he has had the opportunity to relate.

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Santiago Valenzuela

Santiago is a man who protects the prayer of the family. Researcher and student of ethnomusicology. Medicine musician who has accompanied different grandparents Yageseros (Ayahasqueros) to lead ceremonies in various countries in the world.

Multi-instrumentalists focused on the sounds of the Andes mountain range and the Amazon jungle, with the firm interest of spreading the messages of mother nature through music and vibration.


Lorena Velasquez

Mother, daughter, partner, friend, Yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master, ceremonial woman, Custodian of water, a conservationist of fauna, flora, and territory Custodian of the altar of the sacred fire and the motherhouse.


Camilo Cuervo

Walker of the medicine wheel, promoter, and custodian of ancestral practices and wisdom, bridge man linker of the call of the awakening of human consciousness, fireman of the Temazcal, guardian of the fire in The call of the jaguar.

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Juan Carlos Garcés

Since I was 2 years old I have been the guardian of this territory located in Colombia, department of Antioquia, municipality of Pto Triunfo, thus following my father's legacy.

We began our conservation in the Río Claro Canyon in 1960, and today it is an important nature reserve in Colombia and in the world.

I have focused on conscious tourism, conserving fauna and flora, guarding the waters, the forests, and creating the Entreaguas Ecolodge space that continues the same line of conservation and preservation by reforesting spaces where livestock used to live and conserving intact forests where entire families live. of primates, birds, and otters among others.

I am an in-depth connoisseur and guide of all the spaces that we will inhabit and the places that you will meet in this experience, this being my home for more than 50 years, growing and developing my own awareness of the importance of being Guardians and Caregivers. of the space where we live and of the world.


Do you feel the call?

Live 7 days of transformation in a retreat with medicines and ancestral experiences.