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    Meet the Jaguar Tribe

    Doradal, Antioquia, Colombia.

    Feel the call of the Jaguar

    This 7-day retreat has been designed so that you can thoroughly feel all of the experiences and ancestral ceremonies that we have to offer. Let’s walk the path of the jaguar together, and if this call resonates with you, then it manifests as an opportunity for transformation through the magic that inhabits this area of Colombia; the Sacred Medicines of the Americas (Ayahuasca, San Pedro and the Inipi among others), incorporating holistic practices such as crystal therapy and sound healing, all facilitated by experienced guides who accompany the process.

    Our team is well qualified

    We are families with over 20 years of experience in communion with sacred plants; we have dedicated our lives to the study of these traditions, finding ourselves at this moment on the path that we have decided to undergo, as a service to Mother Earth; as a service to humanity. Our endeavors are backed by the highest authorities of indigenous traditions.

    In this retreat, we will have the privilege of being guided and accompanied during Yagé ceremonies by chief healer, elder Erminzul Lucitante, an indigenous authority of the Colombian Amazon, who conveys and embodies profound knowledge in the use and direction of Ayahuasca. We will also be accompanied by taita Leonidas, a sage taita who has been a pillar for the sustainment of traditions and healing of the people for many years; a guide of ancestral wisdom in the world as we know it.

    The Wachuma and Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremonies will be conducted by medicine-women and their families, making of these ceremonies safe and familial grounds, apt to experience healing in complete trust and fully supported.

    Meet the Jaguar Tribe

    We are a union of families undertaking holistic and ancestral practices in connection with the sacred spirit of nature, and we have heard the call of the jaguar; its energy has revived the memory of our responsibility in caring for life, it has reminded us of the temple embodied within our beings, and of the temple that is Mother Earth. It has brought with it the task of healing and cleansing our inner beings, to recognize ourselves as part of the universal fabric, and thus awakening our memory to being custodians and guardians of life.

    This mission belongs to all humanity, and it is for this reason that this message proliferates, summoning peoples from all nations; so that through our encounter with the sovereign plants and their traditional spiritual altars, we reconnect with ancient memories, leading us to live good and virtuous lives.

    About the Territory

    The territory where the encompassing activities of The Call of the Jaguar will take place is located in the Department of Antioquia in Colombia, in the areas of the Entre Aguas Ecolodge, the Rio Claro natural reserve, and the La Miel river watershed; a territory where the old Pantagora communities inhabited, leaving their spirits to guard ancestral memories.

    This territory has been kept safe for over 20 years by one of our facilitating families; a family that embodies and lifts the prayer for the care of our Mother Nature. This is a territory with a wide variety of wild fauna species, crystalline rivers and captivating landscapes. Besides being a location that allows and encourages participants to be in absolute connection with nature, we offer comfortable, safe, and pleasant accommodations.

    Feel confident and trust visiting this territory. It is a safe place to flourish in communion with sacred plants while cultivating profound healing processes.

    The Call of the Jaguar
    Ayahuasca retreat and ancestral practices

    Place of arrival: Medellín, Antioquia
    Place of the retreat: Doradal, Antioquia
    Country: Colombia

    Retreat dates 2023
    July 7th to 13th

    Spiritual experiences of the retreat


    We will live the route of the Jaguar


    Included Services


    Notify in advance any special dietary requirements, health conditions, allergies, regular medication intake, recent surgeries.

    Women in pregnancy and during their menstrual period cannot take the yagé medicine (Ayahuasca). It is recommended that you plan to participate in the retreat at times when these cycles are not present.

    In fortuitous cases, if You are not being able to attend the retreat, the money is not refunded but your quota is saved for a future retreat.